Life Academy

Through the program Life Academy, Biblijski institut seeks to provide an informal, lifelong theological education which examines contemporary issues that are important and interesting to today’s believers and churches in Croatia.

Through this program we want to strengthen and deepen relationships with local churches, offer deeper reflection of currently challenging theological topics, and stir up an interest for theological education.

To whom is this program offered?
This program is offered primarily to the individuals in their local churches who want to learn more about Christianity, but who do not want to formally study theology, or who do not have time to do that. The program is executed in partnership with local churches.

Description of the program:
This program has three modules:

  • Module 1 – “The Bible in History” contains three topics that are focused on the Bible and problems of interpretation and translation of the Bible.
  • Module 2 – “Challenging Questions” is focused on exploring topics that are for today’s Christians in Croatia challenging and/or controversial.
  • Module 3 – “Christianity in the World” is focused on the life of the Church in the world.

Execution of the program:

  1. This program offers three modules, each containing three lectures on selected topics, and each lecture is delivered in two school hours (45 min).
  2. Each local church can select one, two, or all three modules, and each module can be delivered in one day (probably on Saturdays).
  3. Participants are not required to produce any work prior to or after the lectures.

If your local church is interested in this program, and you think that this program would benefit your local church, please contact us for more information.