About the Institute

Biblical Institute
The study of God’s word is the foundation of all that is done at the Biblical Institute in Zagreb, Croatia. But that study is not some academic pursuit of understanding ancient texts of an irrelevant religion. It is instead the active search to hear the ever present God as He speaks through His living Word.

The Biblical Institute exists to help students in their pursuit to know God better through disciplined study and application. But to know God involves more than the mind. It also requires the heart, the spirit, and the will. Each student must make a life decision about this divine relationship.

We at the Institute are committed to give students:

  1. For their minds: the word of God and thoughtful theology.
  2. For their hearts: the love and spirit of Jesus.
  3. For their hands: the practical tools for effective living and service.

Religious affiliation
The Biblical Institute developed in cooperation between the Churches of Christ and other evangelical groups in Croatia. Lecturers, staff and members of the Governing Council are active members of local evangelical churches. Today, the Biblical Institute brings together teachers and students from the majority of Evangelical Churches in Croatia, and serves the churches in Croatia and neighboring countries by training and educating current and future spiritual leaders.

Together with the Council of Churches of Christ in Croatia, which is a founder of the Institute, the Biblical Institute has cooperative agreements with the Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia and the Church of God in Croatia and a number of other independent churches and Christian organizations.

Students and lecturers
Students of the Biblical Institute come from different churches: Churches of Christ, Baptist, Evangelical-Pentecostal, Reformed, the Catholic church, and independent charismatic groups. At the beginning of study, each full-time student is assigned to one teacher, who serves as a mentor, monitoring and advising them during their program of study.

There are four full-time lecturers, who have all either completed their doctorates in theology, or are writing their theses. Faculty are highly accessible to students.

The Biblical Institute also uses a small group of part-time lecturers. These men and women are recognized experts in their scientific or professional field. In addition, through cooperation agreements with Abilene Christian University and Lipscomb University, the Institute is able to use faculty from these fully accredited American universities to teach classes in the areas where the Biblical Institute does not have sufficient qualified lecturers.

Lecturers at the Bible Institute come from major evangelical denominations in Croatia. They are actively involved in the activities of their local churches, denominations, and other Christian organizations.

The Biblical Institute’s three-year professional program in Applied Theology received accreditation from the European Evangelical Accrediting Association in March 2017. Biblical institute has held membership in the European Evangelical Accrediting Association since 2014 .