Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What documents are needed in order to enroll at Biblijski institut?

Please see Enrollments.

Question: Are students with a three year high-school diploma eligible for enrollment into the undergraduate program at Biblijski institut?

Although Biblijski institut, as a branch school of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, is a private higher-education institution which possesses autonomy in many areas; according to the Statute of Biblijski institut the candidates for enrollment need to have completed a four year high-school program. In situations where this is not the case, enrollment is possible only under the condition that by the end of the program of study the student finishes a fourth year of high school.

Question: Is the study program at Biblijski institut the same as the program at the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS)?

The Bachelor of Theology program at Biblijski institut is in many regards similar to the corresponding program at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek. Both programs share some fundamental provisions, goals, and the structure of the curriculum. However, there are also certain variations inside the curriculum and in the way classes are conducted – differences which are founded on the autonomy of both schools.

Question: Is there a work-study program of theology at Biblijski institut?

Yes, candidates can study while they work, but the dynamics of such study differs from that of a regular students.

Question: What programs of study are available at Biblijski institut?

Undergraduate Studies of Theology
Certificate program: Advanced Bible Knowledge
Certificate program: Practical Christianity

For more information please see please see The Programs of Study.

Question: Are there tuition costs for the Bible and Christian ministry certificates, and what are those costs?

Since the subjects for these programs are the same as the subjects for the first two years of the Bachelor program, the tuition for both programs is equal to 150 Euros per semester.

Question: In what language are classes taught at Biblijski institut?

The classes at Biblijski institut are taught both in Croatian and English languages. If it is needed, all the classes in English are interpreted.

Question: Are classes at Biblijski institut open for those who are not enrolled in one of the programs?

At the beginning of each semester, prospective students can come and listen classes, but after that, they have to enroll as students, participants or listeners for classes they want to attend.

Question: What employment opportunities are available after finishing study at Biblijski institut?

One of the goals of Biblijski institut is to equip students for ministry in their local Christian communities.