Mission and Goals

A theological educational institution, Biblijski institut partners with churches and para-church ministries of Croatia and the surrounding countries to advance the Kingdom of God through:

1. Education and formation/training - formal (obrazovanje) and informal (poučavanje)

GOAL 1: to provide education and training that are disciplined, guided, practical, and thoroughly biblical for servants and future servants of the Kingdom of God. (obrazovanje)

GOAL 2: to partner with churches and other ministries to grow believers in their faith and in the discovery and development of their gifts and skills for ministry, so that the Body of Christ is built up. (poučavanje)

2. Biblical and theological research (istraživanje)

GOAL 3: to advance evangelical biblical and theological research in Croatia and the surrounding countries.

3. And networking (povezivanje)

GOAL 4: to facilitate cooperation with and between churches and ministries in Croatia and surrounding countries that advances the Kingdom of God.

GOAL 5: to partner with churches and other ministries in service (služenje) that takes Jesus’ light and presence through the churches and into Croatian culture and society.