A Busy Time for Faculty

A Busy Time for BIZG Faculty

The months of April and May have been a very busy time for the Institute’s faculty. In addition to their regular classes and activities, they have preached and taught in many places, from Zagreb to Rijeka and Split (on the Croatian coast) to Kansas and Oklahoma in the USA.

In Croatia, COVID restrictions are still in force. While conforming to these precautions, Living Hope (Živa Nada) Church of Christ hosted classes for the Institute. Our Old Testament and Hebrew professor, Dr. Danijel Berković, taught the second half of his Old Testament Introduction there.

Dr. Ervin Budiselić, our New Testament and Greek professor, was a featured teacher at a youth convention in Pakrac. Next, he traveled to Rijeka, on the Adriatic coast, and preached at the Church of Christ there. And all this while he is also teaching a weekly class, “Discipleship Jesus’ Way” in Zagreb.

And in the suburbs of Zagreb, our practical ministries professor, Danijel Časni, preached at the Dubrava Baptist Church. His sermon was on the topic of controlling what you say, from James 3.

Budiselić and Časni also participated in a scholarly conference at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The conference focused on the Jewishness of early Christianity. Both professors presented papers at this conference.

Meanwhile, the Institute’s director, Perry Stepp, visited churches, supporters, and board members in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. “I drove more than 3,000 miles, preached four sermons, led Sunday School, and visited four churches and seven individuals in ten days,” Dr. Stepp said. “It’s always wonderful to get back to Kansas and the Southwestern USA.”

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