Big plans for Winter Semester 2020-21

Big plans for Winter Semester 2020–21

At the Biblical Institute, we are very excited about our educational offerings for the winter semester 2020–21. We expect to be able to have face-to-face classes with no restrictions other than social distancing.

Here is an outline of our plans, including exciting new programs.

We will offer a regular slate of classes at Kušlanova and Gajeva. This will include classes in books of the Bible, Hebrew language, Greek language, a class comparing Pentecostal and non-Pentecostal theology, and basic hermeneutics.

Movie Nights. We will also have a special “class”, using the “That the World May Know” videos of Ray Vander Laan. These videos feature Vander Laan teaching New Testament texts and concepts on location in the New Testament world (Israel, Greece, etc.) 

These videos were produced in English, of course. But the Biblical Institute has received special permission from the publisher to present them with projected subtitles in Croatian, thus making them more accessible and more impactful for our partners in Zagreb.

We believe these videos are a great entry point for Christians to begin to deepen their faith through Bible study.  We have invited the evangelical churches in our vicinity to come to these special movie nights. Please pray with us that God will use these excellent teaching materials to touch lives, deepen people’s understanding, and open hearts to the gospel.

Program in Split. We plan to offer classes in Split starting in October, at Kristova Crkva Živa Nada (“Living Hope Church of Christ”), one of our partner churches. This program will involve several churches in the Split area, and is set so that people can attend and participate for no credit. Or if people want to earn college credit, they can attend and complete assignments.

“We are VERY excited to be able to offer this program in Split. Split is a beautiful city, and the churches there have been wonderful to work with,” said Perry Stepp, director of the Biblical Institute.

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