Book Launch – Svjedocanstvo propovijedanja (The Witness of Preaching) by Thomas G. Long

We have partnered with the protestant faculty “Matthias Flacius Illyricus” (MVI) of the University of Zagreb in publishing a translation of Thomas Long’s “The Witness of Preaching”

(Svjedočanstvo propovijedanja) into Croatian. This book is a translation of the newest edition of the most popular preaching textbook in the world.

Tens of thousands of seminary students have learned to preach from this book, and your support has made it available to the preachers of Croatia.

The launch for “Svjedocanstvo propovijedanja” was held last week at the MVI faculty where Perry Stepp, Enoh Seba and Jadranka Brncic spoke about the significance of the book as a valuable resource for pastoral education and preachers.

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