Crisis or Opportunity

Crisis or Opportunity ?

BIZG closed our offices & shifted to working at home about ten days ago. We knew that the Croatian government would impose progressive restrictions to fight the spread of coronavirus.

How do we minister when the world is shut up in its homes? By going online, of course. In stressful times people need to talk about the big questions: God & life & redemption. Online content can fill this need.

And if the pandemic wasn’t stressful enough …

Yesterday (Sunday) Zagreb was awakened by a 5.3 earthquake, centered about eight miles northeast of the center. Damage appears to be mild-to-moderate. The worst is to the older buildings, especially from the Center to the east. The Biblical Institute’s libraries both had damage to bookcases, but apparently nothing structural. All our people are well.

Even before the earthquake, BIZG was one of dozens of Croatian churches & ministries springing into action with online content of various kinds: academic, social/interactive, devotional.

Croats are more connected online today than ever before. The current crises present an incredible opening for the gospel, if we’re ready to meet that challenge.

Please pray that the ministries & churches of Croatia will not miss this opportunity. Croats are hungrier for answers than they have been at any time since the war.

May God open their hearts and guide our hands as we work in genuine friendship to meet these needs with the message of Jesus Christ.

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