Monika Bajić, mag. theol.

Monika Bajić, mag. theol.



The Old Testament is an inexhaustible source of fascination, but also of wisdom and revelation of the living God. Reading and studying it in the original Hebrew language “rearranged” my understanding of God’s character and the divine universal plan and revealed many hidden gems that were lost in translation. Join me in the quest for biblical treasures!

Monika Bajić was born in 1976 in Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Osijek (2011) and later continued her studies at the University of Lipscomb (USA). Monika earned her Master’s Degree in Theological Studies in 2019. She has been involved with the Biblical Institute in Zagreb (BI) since 2014 and is the Assistant Director of the Center of Biblical Research (CBI), a department of BI. Monika publishes academic and popular articles and short teachings. She teaches Old Testament courses and tutors students in the Hebrew language. She is a former pastor and church planter. Monika lives in Zagreb with her husband and daughter.

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