Course: The Book of Romans

Course teacher: Perry L. Stepp, PhD

Date: Mondays, May 21 – June 25

Time: 6 – 8:30 PM

Location: Biblijski institut, Kušlanova 21

The course is free

This is an expository, paragraph-by-paragraph study of Romans from the English Bible.  Lectures will refer to the Greek text, theology and application to daily living, the history of interpretation, and critical questions.


  • May 21: Romans 1.1 – 3.17: why is the world such a mess? why can’t we fix ourselves?
  • May 28: Romans 3.18 – 5.11: how God saves us from the shame our sins bring upon us.
  • June 4 Romans 5.12 – 8.39: how God breaks our slavery to sin, so that we can live the lives he wants us to live.
  • June 11: Finish Romans 1 – 8: hermeneutics, why different readers read the same text & reach different conclusions.
  • June 18: Romans 9 – 11: how can we trust God to keep his promises?
  • Last lecture: Romans 12 – 16: how should Christians treat each other. Here is the link to video lecture!


  • Know God more deeply and trust him more completely
  • Grow in ability to understand world and daily life (e.g., sexuality, human nature, faith, living in community) from a biblical point of view.
  • Learn to use biblical backgrounds to interpret a biblical text
  • Appreciate and assess how interpreters are affected by their backgrounds and the pressing questions they bring to the text.