ONLINE COURSE: How (Not) To Interpret the Bible


Biblijski institut is starting its first ONLINE class: How (Not) To Interpret the Bible

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Teacher: Ervin Budiselić, mag. theol.

The class will be held Tuesdays from November 20 to December 11, 2018.

Everyone can interpret the Bible, but how do we know if our interpretation is correct? This course introduces students to the basic principles of Bible interpretation.


November 20: Objective obstacles to good Bible interpretation
November 27: Getting to know the rules and principles of Bible interpretation
December 4: Steps to better Bible interpretation
December 11: Interpretation exercises


Understand why Christians interpret the Bible differently
Get to know the rules and principles of Bible interpretation
Become better at studying and interpreting
The online class includes lectures (PowerPoint with voiceover), reading assignments, video materials and various student assignments.

New lectures will be available every Tuesday and students will have one week to listen to the lecture and do their assignments. The teacher will be available Fridays from 10 – 12 for questions and discussion.


Online registration form:  “Obrazac prijave – online tečaj Kako (ne) tumačiti Bibliju”

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