Students speak

The environment in which we work and learn is friendly, motivating, and encouraging. In encountering other people and different life situations, it has always been more important for me what I feel than what I see and hear. This actually means that I feel happy and fulfilled. Studying at Biblijski institut, in addition to the acquisition of knowledge, gives me the feeling that this school truly cares about me. I’m not a number, dull statistic, an index number, but a person who can and should make mistakes, be what I am, and always start afresh.Matea Novaković


To study at the Institute is to be exposed to the living Word of God, a rich Church history, and also new and interesting relationships – both with teachers and staff of the Institute, and through interaction with students. Nobody imposes on students their own ‘one and only correct’ attitude about anything, but all respect each other, and build and share different experiences and beliefs they carry with them. For me personally, to study at the Institute was a great reward because I gained important insights into fundamental theological views, the most crucial important church historical events, and the rich Christian experience of lecturers.Igman Čokić


Study at Biblijski institut has greatly helped me in preparing for my pastoral ministry! Systematic study of biblical doctrine and theological disciplines has daily brought me into contact with the ancient truths of the Christian faith, and meetings with students from other Christian traditions and denominations introduced me to ecumenical dialogue. As a priest of the Protestant Reformed Church, I gladly recommend this institution to anyone who wants to immerse himself with more quality into the biblical texts.Almir Pehlić


One of the best ways to become a better disciple of Jesus is to study his word in a deeper way. Biblijski institut is an ideal place for me to do it. Right now I am finishing my Masters degree in Ministry. I am very pleased to be part of this program, since it has skillful and experienced teachers and professors.Damir Kramarić


The study of some New Testament books was exactly what I needed. The Institute has been a great blessing to me in several areas: personal growth, equipping for ministry, and getting a formal biblical education. I have benefited greatly.Goran Medved


There is no other Bible school in Zagreb like Biblijski institut! The faculty and school are true examples of interfaith unity in Christ. The teaching quality is good, and professors are knowledgeable in their fields, and experienced in ministry. I realized, studying at the Institute, how little I really knew God, his will and word, and how valuable that knowledge is for my life. The Institute has influenced me very positively. I changed my life and attitudes.Damir Mijaljević


At the Institute we learn not only from books and lectures, but through the example of professors and the community that comes from different cultures and backgrounds.Nino Brozinčević


For the first time I’m studying what I’m really interested in and I love it.Vanja Kleindienst