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Center for Biblical Research (CBI) is a department of Biblical Institute (BI) in Zagreb. Its beginnings go back to 2013.

  • to encourage public, personal and private reading of the Bible in hope of better understanding of the Holy Scriptures,
  • to promote research of Croatian historical Bible translations and historical biblical heritage in general,
  • to be part of public communication and media about the Bible,
  • to renew the significance of the Bible and its values in Croatian society.
We strive to achieve these goals through:
  • Biblical Hebrew Courses & NT Greek
  • Biblical Workshops with focus on the Hebrew Bible
  • Round Tables, Symposiums, Seminars
  • Open Bible Series Classes
  • Publications / Biblica Croatica
Biblica Croatica – This is a publication series concentrated on printing and publishing reprints of old historical biblical editions and translations and publishing of academic papers in the field of Croatian Bible heritage. The first publication in this series is The Croatian Psalter.