Course: How (not) to Get Lost in the Bible

Course teacher: Ervin Budiselić, mag. theol.

Date: 14. 5. – 18. 6. (Tuesdays), 18:00 – 20:30

Location: Biblijski institut, Kušlanova 21

Price: 100 kuna. Students will receive a script and certificate.

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Short Description:

In order to get lost in the Bible, you don’t have to know anything. However, it is a skill to really know your way around the Bible. This class will discuss the key themes in the Bible which are actually a guide for working your way through the book. This is the perfect opportunity to look at and read the Bible in a new light.


Class 1: The big story of the Bible

Class 2: The importance of Abraham for today’s Church

Class 3: The Law and retribution theology

Class 4: The Kingdom of God

Class 5: The message of the gospel…discipleship is a result of the gospel

Class 6: The Church – Crkva – Jesus’ community of covenant and mission