Library Policies

General requirements
Every adult can become a member of the Biblijski institut library.
The membership process is completed in the lending library at Amruševa street 11.

Membership fee and library card:

  • Following enrollment, a member receives a library card.
  • Membership is valid for one (1) year from the date of enrollment.
  • For all members, there is a 50 HRK fee per year.
  • With their library card, members can access their online account on the Library website, and see what items they have checked out and have put on hold.
  • They can also renew items and check if they have any fines.
  • Library cards cannot be transferred to another person. Replacement cards due to loss or destruction will cost 20 HRK.

Return deadlines for borrowed items, and number of items
Library members can borrow items according to the membership group to which they belong:

  • Undergraduate students – 30 days, 3 items, 3 reservations
  • Graduate students – 40 days, 5 items, 5 reservations
  • Teachers – 60 days, 10 items, 5 reservations
  • Church workers – 40 days, 5 items, 5 reservations
  • Other members – 30 days, 3 items, 5 reservations

Prolonging the return deadline and reserved items
Upon the deadline, borrowed items must be returned, or prolonged up to 20 days.
Items that have been reserved cannot be prolonged.

Overdue items
Overdue items are charged a fine of one (1) HRK per day and per number of items. There is a 3-day grace period.
A maximum fine for all overdue items is 200 HRK.

Lost or damaged items
Replacement cost (a minimum of 15 euros) will be charged for a lost, ruined, or missing book. It is not permissible to underline, outline, write, or make marginal notes in library books or periodicals.

Computer use
The use of the computers is restricted to academic research and writing.
Please respect members who want to use the library for study and research. Discussions and conversations should be held outside the “stacks” and the reading room.