Course: Models of the Church for the 21st century

Teacher: dr. sc. Stanko Jambrek

Date: 15. 4. – 20. 5. (Mondays), 18:00 – 20:00

Location: Biblijski institut, Kušlanova 21

Price: 100 kuna. Students will receive a script and certificate.

Class Canceled

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Short Description:

The Bible uses pictures and metaphors from real life situations and experiences to explain the reality of the Church. The messages communicated through Biblical pictures and metaphors for the Church applied to our lives create a visible model of the Church. Each Church exists according to its own unique model. The model of the Church is created by God’s influence in people’s lives. It is these changed people that then respond to God’s call to create with God and evangelize – with the help of the Holy Spirit and knowing God’s word. Each Church model includes God’s unchangeable and absolute aspect as well as the human changeable one. In the introductory part of the seminar, negative Church models that have been created through everyday life will be discussed as well as models that have been created throughout history by people. Bible pictures, metaphors and Church models will also be discussed. And finally, basic characteristics will be outlined for models of Churches for the 21st century.


  1. Pictures, metaphors and Church models
  2. Church models created today by everyday life
  3. Church models created throughout history by people
  4. Pictures of the Church rooted in the Old Testament
  5. Pictures of the Church rooted in the New Testament
  6. The Church as the Body of Christ
  7. The Church as the Bride of Christ
  8. The Church as God’s house
  9. The Church as fellowship of the Holy Spirit
  10. Models of the Church for the 21st ct