Course: Studying and Applying the Sermon on the Mount

Course teacher: dr. sc. Thomas Sibley

Date: 4. 3. – 8. 4. (Mondays), 18:00 – 20:30

Location: Biblijski institut, Kušlanova 21

Price: 100 kuna. Students will receive a script and certificate.

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John R W Stott has written, “The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-known part of the teaching of Jesus, though arguably it is the least understood, and certainly it is the least obeyed.” This study will seek to better understand our Lord’s teaching and hopefully motivate us, as disciples of Him, to accept the challenge to be different from the world, and to obey what we come to understand.

Schedule and division of the study

There will be 6 sessions of two 45-minute periods in each session

  • Session 1: Matthew 5:1-20. How to hear the sermon and experience the blessings promised to those who are his disciples. This is NOT general moral teachings! It is rather instructions to those committed to follow Jesus and the unique blessings for those who choose to follow Him.
  • Session 2: Matthew 5:21-48. Living that supersedes Law. The law restricts, but those who follow Jesus find a way that enables one to live as God intended His people to live.
  • Session 3: Matthew 6:1-18. Be “Righteous,” NOT Religious People are incurably “religious,” but find ways to separate life in two parts: one’s religion and one’s secular life. The way of Jesus is to live a righteous live.
  • Session 4 – Matthew 6: 19-34. One lives by what he loves The Greek philosopher said, “I think, therefore I am.” This section of the teaching of Jesus reveals that what one loves defines him.
  • Session 5 – Matthew 7:1-14. Judging others is God’s prerogative, but effective living is God’s promise to those who ask and seek   Fallen humanity is quick to judge others without daring to judge one’s self. Jesus followers are aware of their need of grace and help to live victoriously now, so they seek and find the power to live as light in a dark world.
  • Session 6 – Matthew 7: 14-27. “Christian or Disciple?” Follower or Admirer of Jesus? Jesus ends His sermon with stark contrasts. Being a disciple of Jesus provides a life which produces fruitful living which results in victory now and for eternity. But to hear the teaching of Jesus and not obey results in chaos and defeat now and eternally.

Suggested process

  • As each session builds on what went before, it is strongly suggested that the student attend every session.
  • It is encouraged that each student engage another student participating in the study to discuss what is being taught, share prayer request and participate in prayer, and share with each other attempts to apply what is being taught.
  • There is in the Library the book by John R W Stott, The Christian Counter-Culture. There are English editions and Croatian editions. It is strongly suggested that the book be read over the six-week study.
  • Each section of the sermon has three questions based upon the text, two thought questions to mediate upon and one suggested practical question to apply and do.
  • It is strongly suggested that a journal be kept in which the answers to the questions be noted, written prayers in response to the thoughtful reading and studying of each passage, and the reflections on the attempted practical response to the “to do” question.