• In February the Center for Biblical Research held their second roundtable in the series Conversations on Saturdays where dr. sc.  Boris Havel spoke
  • In February the panel Marriage: Shaping Children’s Character in a Family Environment was held with panelists dr. sc. Danijel Berković, Sanja Roškar, professor of psychology, and Željka and Igor Strejček.
  • On March 6, the new book Exponentially was launched and presented.
  • In March due to the difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19, we continued our regular work from home preparing and maintaining online teachings and regularly posting content on social media.
  • In May Goran Medved and Ervin Budiselić held an online course Charismatic Theology
  • In May our director Perry L. Stepp was elected to the scientific title of Research Associate in Humanities – in the field of theology.
  • In April the first issue our our theological journal Kairos (volume 14) was published.
  • July 1 Ervin Budiselić defended his doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Ljubljana on the topic Aspects of The Biblical Concept of Witness and The Specific Understanding of The Concept in The Writings of Luke.
  • On July 15th Ervin Budiselić’s the first book Key Biblical themes from the series How not to get lost in the Bible was published
  • In September and October, Perry Stepp held a lecture on the gospel of Matthew and Paul’s letter to Titus at the Baptistengemeinde Church in Graz, Austria.
  • In September and October, a series of film evenings titled That the World May Know with Ray Vander Laan was held. The film evenings took place at the Church of Christ in Kušlanova. The hosts were Judita Kraljik and Dr. Ervin Budiselić.
  • In October and November, our lecturers Ervin Budiselić and Goran Medved began the first cycle of the Advanced Bible Knowledge program, which is approved by the European Council for Theological Education. Lectures were held on October 9th and 10th and November 20th and 21st at the Church of Christ Živa nada in Split, covering topics: The Bible: What You Might Not Know, The Life and Ministry of Jesus, 1 Corinthians, and The Life and Growth of the Church.
  • As part of the winter semester in October, lectures began on Biblical Hebrew I (Dr. Danijel Berković), New Testament Greek I (Nino Brozinčević), and The Book of Jonah (Danijel Berković), organized by the Center for Biblical Research.
  • On October 6th a book promotion for Dr. Ervin Budiselić’s book Key Biblical Topics by was held at the Church of Christ in Kušlanova. Other speakers were Goran Medved and pastors Mislav Ilić and Ratko Medan.
  • In November, the second issue of the 14th volume of the evangelical-theological journal Kairos was published.
  • In December, as part of the Biblica Croatica library, we published the third translation of the Psalms by Fra Luka Polovinović Bračanin from 1598.
  • At the very end of December, we quickly responded and provided assistance to those affected by the December 29, 2020 earthquake in the Banovina area by directly sending collected financial aid, and in cooperation with Church of Christ, donated 4 generators, fuel, and oil to those in need in Glina, Petrinja, Mošćenica, the “Green Valley” camp, and the “Bijelnik” camp.
  • On the last day of 2020, we wished a happy and long retirement to our dear and long-time professor of church theology and history of theology and editor of the evangelical-theological journal Kairos, Dr. Stanko Jambrek. He will remain actively involved in our work.
  • The Biblical Institute held a book promotion in February for the Croatian translation of the book Simply Christian by N.T. Wright at the Bogdan Ogrizović Library in the center of Zagreb.
  • In March dr. Thomas Sibley taught a course called The Sermon on the Mount, at the Biblical Institute.
  • In March, Goran Medved held a course titled The Bible – What You May Not Know.
  • On Good Friday, the Center for Biblical Research organized a unique public reading of biblical texts about the Passion of Christ (Jesus’ suffering).
  • At the beginning of April, the first semester of New Testament Greek ended. The course was taught by Nino Brozinčević.
  • In May, Ervin Budiselić held the class How (not) to get Lost in the Bible.
  • The 13th edition of the evangelical theological journal Kairos was published in May.
  • On May 13, our lecturer Danijel Berković successfully defended his second doctoral dissertation entitled “Personal and Private Piety of the Biblical Psalmist” at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.
  • On May 30, the Biblical Institute and the Evangelical Theological Society held a roundtable called “The Capetown Commitment in Croatian Context. “
  • On June 15, an interesting event was held at the Biblical Institute’s Reading Room where Dan Dragutin Bar-Sela talked about his life as a „true Israeli Zagreb citizen.”
  • On September 21, the Biblical Hebrew course began at the Center for Biblical Research.
  • In October, dr. Danijel Berković held a course at the Biblical Institute called Living with Psalms.
  • In November, dr. Thomas Sibley taught the class Life After Christ: Jesus’ Instructions to Believers in John 13-17.
  • The Center for Biblical Research organized a new workshop called Walking with Jesus – the Gospel of Matthew, which started October 5 and will end in 2020. The course is taught by the director of the Biblical Institute, Perry L. Stepp.
  • In October, Ervin Budiselić held a two-day course in Šibenik called Faith in Jesus vs. Jesus’ Faith.
  • On October 21 and 30, a social media workshop was held at the Biblical Institute’s Library by Elisabeth Shaffer, an intern working at BI from the United States.
  • The 14th edition of the evangelical theological journal Kairos was published in November.
  • The Center for Biblical Research held its first forum called Saturday Talks. The first meeting was held on November 30 and the topic was COUNTRY – as in land, territory (nation, country), as in a promise (holy land), as in a holy land (nation, chosen), as in the desert (temptation) and as a land of foreigners and newcomers (immigrants and emigrants).
  • In November and December, Goran Medved held an online class called The Bible – What You May Not Know.
  • As part of the Book Night event, the Bible Institute’s library organized a free exchange of books and lectures: “Bible Translations in the Development and Standardization of National Languages” (Danijel Berković), and: “Why Do We Have Different Translations of the Bible?” (Goran Medved).
  • The Center for Biblical Research organized a lecture and a workshop: “Women in Reformation” led by Stanko Jambrek.
  • In the church Živa nada from Split, representatives of the Bible institute handed out certificates to students for the completion of the Basic Bible Knowledge Program.
  • The Central European Christian Education Foundation (CECEF), a nonprofit organization that is the official legal representative of the Bible Institute in the United States, organized a “Visitor Trip to Zagreb, Croatia” in May.
  • During Justin and Jennifer Gerhardt’s visit to Zagreb, the Bible Institute organized three seminars: Church Leadership; Peacekeeping; Partners – God’s vision of marriage.
  • On July 17 and 18, the Bible Institute in Zagreb hosted a US scholar for the Gospel of John, Dr. Stan Harstine. A “tribina” and two public lectures were held, called “The Importance of John 1:1-18 (the Prologue) to the Gospel of John.”
  • Ervin Budiselić participated in a three-day conference “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life“ in Split, and gave a lecture titled “I’m the Way”.
  • This year’s multi-day symposium called “Bibliana” was attended by the head of the Center for Biblical Research Danijel Berković. The Symposium was held September 20-21 at the Catholic Theological Faculty as a part of the “50th Anniversary of the Zagreb Bible.”
  • On September 22 in Osijek, the Founding Assembly of the Evangelical Theological Association of Croatia was held.
  • As a part of Reformation Day on October 31, a public reading of the Epistle to the Romans was organized. One of the readers was our lecturer Danijel Berković.
  • On October 22 the Bible Institute organized a book promotion for the book Who Needs Theology? by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson.
  • The Bible institute published a book: Psalms: Burgenland Croatian. On November 27, a presentation of that book. Presenters were: Branko Kornfeind, Danijel Berković and Boris Beck.
  • The Bible Institute offers its first online course “How (not) to interpret the Bible.”
  • The Bible Institute in cooperation with the Churches of Christ in Croatia and the Baptist Union in Croatia organized the event Experiencing God with Dr. Richard Blackaby on December 12.
  • In March 2017, Biblijski institut hosts a visiting team from the European Evangelical Accrediting Association. At the end of the visit, the team announces that they are recommending that Biblijski institut’s B.Th. in Ministry receive accreditation with EEAA.
  • In April 2017, EEAA’s board votes to grant this accreditation to Biblijski institut’s program.
  • Dr. Perry L. Stepp is installed as the new director/ravnatelj of Biblijski institut.
  • Danijel Berković, Biblijski institut’s Old Testament Professor, receives his Ph.D. from London (England) Middlesex University.
  • The European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA), an arm of the World Evangelical Alliance, awards Biblijski institut “Candidacy” for accreditation for Biblijski institut’s B.Th. in Ministry, with arrangements for visit in March of 2017.
  • Biblijski institut initiates new certificate programs for the training of church leaders in Zagreb, Rijeka, and Varaždin, Croatia.
  • CECEF hires Brian Walton as a full-time fundraiser for the Institute.
  • Sandra Sibley, a professional “organizational development specialist,” leads Biblijski institut’s staff and faculty in laying the groundwork for the kinds of organizational paradigm shifts Biblijski institut needs to make in the era of the Bologna paradigm, so that the school can become more of a “Learning Community.”
  • Faculty and Staff collaborate to work toward EEAA accreditation.
  • Dr. Perry L. Stepp, an American New Testament theologian with experience in academic administration and accreditation, works with Biblijski institut throughout the months of October – December to help prepare for the SER.
  • Both CECEF and Management Boards agree to identify the successor of Dr. Thomas Sibley as Director. On 14 December, the Boards agree unanimously to ask Dr. Stepp to become the next director of Biblijski institut, and he accepts.
  • Biblijski institut continued to translate and publish books on theology, including Christianity on Trial, by Mark Lanier (IVP Press).
  • CECEF begins a national search in the USA for a full-time fundraiser to work with churches in the USA to provide monetary support for the on-going work of the Biblijski institut.
  • Biblijski institut’s scholarly journal, Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology, receives AA rating from the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport.
  • Biblijski institut hosts a Jesus Conference, with an agenda directed toward the academy and the church. This involved Biblijski institut in partnership with Abilene Christian and David Lipscomb Universities, the University of Zagreb, the Theological Institute of Bucharest, and Protestant Evangelical Alliance. Over 300 people, including scholars from many Christian denominations, participated in the conference.
  • Biblijski institut initiates a Basic Bible Knowledge Certificate extension program in the city of Split, Croatia, with 11 students.
  • Biblijski institut also agrees to plans for a Basic Bible Knowledge Certificate program in Rijeka, Croatia.
  • Biblijski institut published the following books: Reformacija u hrvatskim zemljama u europskom by Dr. Jambrek, (A History of the reformation in Croatia, Biblijski hebrejsko-hrvatski riječnik by Danijel Berković (the first Biblical Hebrew and Croatian Lexicon).
  • Biblijski institut also secured necessary permissions and translated the following books into Croatian, for Biblijski institut’s classroom use: Who Needs Theology by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson, Thinking about God by Fisher Humphreys.
  • Biblijski institut graduates 11 students, the largest graduating class to date.
  • Biblijski institut again holds Champs Camp, with great success.
  • Biblijski institut leads in the publication of Mladen Jovanović’s book, I Riječ Crkvom Postade.”
  • Together with the Croatian Bible Society, Biblijski institut holds the “Week of the Bible.” This event also involves the University of Zagreb and the Protestant Evangelical Alliance. Displays included a working replica of the 1562 printing press in the library of the University of Zagreb, School of Philosophy. Biblijski institut’s students printed and distributed 2,000 sheets of the 23rd Psalm. Biblijski institut’s students also gave away 1,000 New Testaments to students of the University. The event concluded with the 1st Public reading of the Scripture in the center of Zagreb. Readers read aloud the Gospel according to Luke in the Franciscan chapel.
  • In partnership with the University of Zagreb, the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Graz, Biblijski institut held an international conference: The Reformation in the Croatian Lands. Roman Catholic Television carried the conference. Video of this coverage is now stored in their archives. This event drew attention and coverage from the national media
  • Biblijski institut enters a partnership with the College of Bible and Ministry of David Lipscomb University (Nashville TN), much like the partnership with Abilene Christian University that began in 2005.
  • Biblijski institut graduates 8 Students with B.Th. diplomas.
  • Biblijski institut provided “Children’s Bibles” for two elementary schools in Croatia.
  • In addition, 2013 saw the death of Mladen Jovanović, founder and faculty member of Biblijski institut, and a major spokesman for evangelical Christianity in Croatia.
  • Biblijski institut’s graduation ceremony sees six graduates receive their B.Th. diploma. The ceremony also honors Biblijski institut’s History professor, Stanko Jambrek, who had just received his Ph.D. from the University of Zagreb.
  • Biblijski institut sponsors the translation and publication of the Cape Town Commitment.
  • Biblijski institut holds a roundtable discussion, “Who needs Theology?”, open to the churches in Zagreb.
  • The second year of Champs Camp is held, drawing 80 children with another 30 on waiting list.
  • Biblijski institut holds a major media event, the Library Open House, which is attended by Zagreb city officials and the deans and faculty from most of the colleges of the University of Zagreb. This event also garnered attention from all the television stations in Zagreb.
  • Through its partnership with ETS, Biblijski institut confers four B.Th. diplomas and one M.Th. degree.
  • Biblijski institut offers an Intensive Course, “Addictions and the Human Spirit,” taught by American counseling practitioner Dr. John D. Cooke. This course drew attendees from the College of Medicine and Department of Psychology of the University of Zagreb.
  • Biblijski institut attempts to serve the children of Zagreb by offering the first “Champs Camp” in July of 2011. The event draws 75 children, with another 25 on a waiting list. Offered every year, the event grows steadily.
  • Biblijski institut holds a series of lectures, open to the public, on the topic of “Religious Cultures in Croatia.”
  • Biblijski institut promotes the book, A Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible, by Mike Armour.
  • Biblijski institut holds a roundtable discussion, “Religious Communities and Public Relations.
  • Supporters of Biblijski institut in the United States form a non-profit support organization, The Central European Christian Education Foundation (CECEF).
  • Cascade College in Portland, Oregon, donates 13,000 books to Biblijski institut’s library. They give this gift through Oklahoma Christian University. Several private libraries are added to this gift, including the libraries of the late Dr. Kenneth Shrable and Silas Shotwell.”
  • Many other book donations and funds for the library come from Christian Churches in the northwestern United States, Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky.
  • Biblijski institut holds a third academic symposium, “Evangelical Christianity and Family
  • Biblijski institut holds its first academic symposium, “Unity and Fellowship of Christians.” Presentations are made by churchmen/scholars from the Baptist and Brethren churches, the Church of Christ, the Pentecostal Union, and the Roman Catholic church.
  • Nina and Andrej Lovše become the first Biblijski institut graduates to earn graduate degrees, when they receive MA degrees in Christian Ministry from Abilene Christian University, through ACU’s program in Zagreb.
  • Biblijski institut holds a second academic symposium, “Actualization of Incarnation: Christ’s Presence in Today’s Time and World.”
  • Biblijski institut enters a cooperative agreement with the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek (ETS). Biblijski institut’s program in Zagreb becomes a branch of the programs of ETS. Students of Biblijski institut receive all student rights and are entitled to a fully accredited diploma, per the Bologna Agreement.
  • The school first publishes its academic journal, Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology.
  • Biblijski institut’s library implements KOHA, a standard indexing system for educational libraries.
  • Administration of IBS submits all papers for accreditation to the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport. The process was never completed.
  • First graduation ceremony is held, at which four students receive B.Th. degrees. The entire graduating class of four is admitted into graduate schools.
  • Abilene Christian University utilizes IBS facility and resources to offer a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program in Zagreb. Seven Croatian students complete the first class in this program.
  • IBS’s facilities are expanded with the move of the Library to the Downtown Church of Christ on Amruševa street, in the center of Zagreb. The new space also provides an additional classroom and study center.
  • IBS is renamed Biblijski institut and achieves independent legal status.
  • Additional faculty is added from the USA.
  • IBS establishes a fraternal relationship with Abilene Christian University (USA), to assist in curriculum development, identifying faculty needs, and to help provide needed faculty.
  • The faculty rewrites curriculum to meet accreditation requirements.
  • Administration raises funds to meet the financial requirements for accreditation with the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport.
  • Regular faculty expands to seven professors.
  • Curriculum expands to meet European standards.
  • IBS becomes the teaching and training institution for the Council of Churches of Christ in Croatia.
  • IBS begins seeking independent accreditation from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sport.
2001. – 2003.
  • IBS expands its curriculum by adding instructors for Greek, Hebrew, and Church History.
  • IBS is invited to partner with the nationally-accredited Theological fakultet, “Matija Vlačić Ilirik”.
  • The School officially becomes the Institute for Biblical Studies (IBS), which holds classes for 20 students in its own facility.
  • Dr. Sibley and Mr. Jovanović donate books from their personal libraries, which constitute the Institute’s first library.
  • The church brings dr.sc. Thomas Sibley and his wife, Sandra Sibley, onto the ministry staff of the church, with a mandate to develop the school.
  • The school officially adopts preparing Croats as pastors, church planters, and leaders for other Christian ministries as its purpose.
  • Dr. Sibley and Mr. Jovanović work with the faculty to develop three distinct programs of study: Preaching, Ministry, and Biblical Studies.
  • Dr. Sibley raises funds to provide a facility for the school.
  • The school teaches its first ministry training classes, with three young ministers enrolled.
  • Mladen Jovanović becomes director of the School.
  • The School offers courses in Bible, Theology, and Church History.
  • The Church of Christ in Zagreb starts a Bible School as one of the ministries of the church, focused primarily on Bible classes for members and friends of the church.