Help Ukrainian refugees!

Help Ukrainian refugees!

War has returned to Europe, leaving suffering and destruction in its wake. Russia’s aggression has already displaced over a million Ukrainians from their homes, mostly women and children, and the EU estimates that number may rise above 5 million before the crisis is over.

Less than a week into the crisis, Croatia has received an initial group of several hundred refugees, and we are expecting thousands more in the coming days. Hungary has already received over 100,000 Ukrainians, with more on the way, and Croatia is the next country west.

The Croatian government is processing refugees and housing them in government-owned facilities and travelers hotels, which are empty during the off-season. Croatia will receive many more refugees than the government can house. Their needs will exceed what the government can meet.

Desperate situations are perfect opportunities for God to intervene through his people. We are praying and preparing to be that intervention here and now.

Perry Stepp, director of the Biblical Institute, said, “Croats have a history of showing hospitality and giving care to their neighbors from other countries in circumstances like these. Most adults here remember vividly the wars of the 1990’s, when Croatia received 400,000 refugees from Bosnia. Just yesterday, I had coffee with one of our local church leaders whose mother, a widow, hosted a Bosnian Muslim woman and her child through his high school years.”

PRAY FOR US. Pray that God will work through Croatian believers to meet the needs of our Ukrainian neighbors. Pray that we will act as Jesus’ hands, feet, and voice, and that God will be glorified by our witness through this troubled time.

JOIN WITH US. The Biblical Institute is collecting money to help meet refugees’ short-term and long-term needs. If you want to give online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Donate today”
  3. Scroll down to “My donation is for:” and choose “Ukrainian refugees in Croatia”

Or you can send a check with “Ukrainian Refugees” in the memo line to Biblical Institute, 1045 Overton Lea Rd, Nashville TN 37220.

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