Here is Where We’ve Been in 2019

Serving throughout our region

The mission of Biblijski institut is “to promote Biblical Christianity through education, networking, and publishing.” We pursue this mission because we want the evangelical churches in Croatia to be strong and healthy.

This Fall, the faculty of BIZG have traveled throughout the region to carry out this mission. They have been all over Croatia in 2019. 

Our Academic Dean, Ervin Budiselic, regularly ministers at the Church of Christ in Samobor. He is Co-Pastor, Worship Leader, and small group leader there. He also travelled to Osijek to speak at ETS Reformation Week; a seminar in Šibenik, on the coast; at the One Church Conference in Virovitica; and he preached at Metanoia Church in Zagreb. 

Dr. Stanko Jambrek is a member of EPC Stijena Spasenja Church in Zagreb. He was the screenwriter and special advisor for a Croatian television documentary, Reformation Then and Now, which was shown for the third time on national TV this Fall. He also was a featured speaker at Osijek during ETS Reformation Week, and preached at the Samobor Church of Christ, EPC Krista Kralja in Rijeka, and the EPC in Sesvete.

Professor Danijel Casni is one of the pastors at Dubrava Baptist Church, and is also the chairman of BI’s Publishing Board. He also spoke for Reformation Week in Osijek.

Dr. Tom Sibley is an elder at Kušlanova Church of Christ, and preaches regularly there. In 2019, he also preached in Samobor and led a marriage workshop with wife, Sandra, in Maribor, Slovenia.

And our director, Dr. Perry Stepp, preaches and leads Bible study regularly at Kušlanova Church of Christ.  This year he has also preached in the Church of Christ in Graz, Austria, and the Church of Christ in Vukovar.  He was also a featured speaker at the Ministry to Military Conference in Crkvenica.

In Acts 1.8, Jesus said, “You shall be my witnesses in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”  Our professors are living out this assertion, having borne witness in Zagreb, and Dalmatia, and Slavonia, all over our region and beyond.

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