New Book Out – The transforming Word

New Book Out – The Transforming Word

New Book Out – The Transforming Word

After several weeks of production delays, Biblijski institut is proud to present to the world the first modern evangelical “one-volume”** commentary on the New Testament in the Croatian language, Riječ koja preobražava (“The Word Which Transforms”, or “The Transforming Word”.)

This is the translation of The Transforming Word Bible commentary, an excellent, helpful gathering of world-class biblical scholarship produced by the faculty of Abilene Christian University. 

Perry L. Stepp, director of Biblijski institut, said, “It is our honor to provide these helpful tools to pastors, teachers, and Bible students of all denominations throughout the former Yugoslavia at no cost. We pray it will be a faithful guide for preaching, teaching, and discipleship for decades to come.”

This project was produced by BIZG with assistance from our friends at Eastern European Mission and individual donors in congregations in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Oregon.

** We refer to the commentary as “‘one-volume'” because the original English version was bound as a single volume. With Croatian publishers, it is more practical to produce the book in a series of smaller parts, or “fascicles”, which will then be packaged in a single case. Pictured is part 3.a, which covers the gospels and the Book of Acts.

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