Pray with us as we respond

Pray with us as we respond

In the past three weeks, we have seen almost the entire world shut down by restrictions intended to fight the spread of the coronavirus. People are stuck in their homes, with limited options for interaction. There is a hunger for learning and beneficial spiritual activity.

In response to this need, the Biblical Institute is offering our content online.  At our Facebook pages, “BIZG – Biblijski institut Zagreb” (mostly Croatian content) and “Foundation for The Biblical Institute, Zagreb, Croatia”, you can find links to the following:

Devotional studies in the Gospel of Matthew; videos are available in both English and Croatian. Dr Stepp is posting two videos per week, with study questions. These videos focus on selected passages from Matthew 21-28, and are a continuation of the suspended Gospel of Matthew class that Dr Stepp was teaching in Zagreb.

Studies on the Spiritual Disciplines, forthcoming, in Croatian.

Understanding Charismatic Theology, an online class, in Croatian. This study examines different aspects of charismatic theology from three different perspectives, including a cessationist perspective. Students must sign up through BIZG’s Facebook page.

Additional lecture videos, some dual language (English and Croatian) and others in Croatian only, are being posted on these Facebook pages.

Please stand with us in prayer for the following things.

Pray for the effectiveness of our online content.  We have thirty people in our current online class, and we are rolling out other types of online content, some more devotional, some more practical, over the next week. Pray that God will use our humble offerings to strengthen his church in Croatia.

The economic impact in Croatia has been devastating.  The Croatian economy is marginally healthy in the best of times.  Unemployment per capita right now is roughly double the unemployment in the USA, and the tourist season – Croatia’s major source of income – will be disastrous. Pray that there will be work and income for Croats, and that they will share the burden so that there won’t be starvation, civil unrest and violence, etc.

Croatia is a “Christian” nation, in that 90+ percent of the people think of themselves as Christian.  But the vast majority of the people do not know the gospel and they do not know Jesus Christ. Pray that God will use this crisis to open the eyes of the Croatian people to their need for the gospel, and that the churches and ministries will respond appropriately.

May God be your rock in these troubled times.

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