Spring News

Spring News

Spring is just around the corner in Zagreb. COVID restrictions are beginning to relax, the weather has been beautiful the past few weeks. And it is time for Biblijski institut to gear up for the summer semester, which officially starts 1 March. As always, we have a busy semester planned.

Last fall, 80 participants took classes from Biblijski institut, in four locations. We will offer classes in those same four locations this semester, although the schedule for some locations is in flux as we wait for COVID restrictions to change.

At our main location, Kušlanova, we will offer classes on the World of Jesus, the Corinthian letters, and discipleship.

We are especially excited to be able to offer English classes to the public at Kušlanova, through our partnership with Let’s Start Talking. These classes will involve both classroom work and small group or one-on-one practice conversations, all centering on biblical ideas and issues. Let’s Start Talking is supplying the workers to teach these classes and lead these groups.

Also in Zagreb, we are offering language classes (Hebrew and Greek) plus the Book of Jonah at the Center for Biblical Research on Gajeva, in the Center. These are year-long classes, and carry over from the fall.

We will offer four classes at Živa Nada Church of Christ in Split; Gospel of Matthew, Intro to the Old Testament 1 and 2, and Preaching.

And Dr. Stepp will travel to Graz, Austria, to the Church of Christ there, as soon as COVID restrictions allow. There he will finish two classes that he started in November, Gospel of Matthew and Church Leadership.

Please be praying for us

as we start this new semester.

● Pray for our students; they come from all walks of life, all evangelical denominations and Catholics and non-religious. Some of them are deeply involved with their churches, even in vocational ministry. Others don’t attend church at all.

● Pray for our professors, their ministries, families, marriages, and health.

● Pray for safe travel and logistics for our classes, for professors and students alike.

● Pray that God will guide us into using the relationships and resources we have to improve our ability to bless all the believers and all the churches of Croatia.

● And pray that God would keep leading us into relationships that help the Kingdom of God grow in Croatia and beyond.

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