Strong Earthquake Hits Croatia

Strong Earthquake Hits Croatia

Strong Earthquake Hits Croatia

On 29 December, a moderately strong earthquake (6.5 on the Richter scale) struck just outside Petrinja, a village about 40 miles south of Zagreb. This area is economically undeveloped, with an economy that relies mostly on farming. Some of the residents live in houses that have not been repaired or improved since the War of Independence in the early 1990’s.

As you might expect, the damage to the homes of Petrinja and Glina (a smaller neighboring village) was extensive.

When we posted regarding this disaster, our supporters responded with prayers and financial generosity. The Institute received over $9,000 from our American supporters and another $1250 from Croatian sources, most of that from BIZG personnel.

We sent 600 dollars to Petrinja immediately in the form of generators, blankets and coats, and bottled water. That was our contribution to the rescue and recovery stages.

 As the situation developed, organizers told us that they had enough money to meet the immediate need, and asked us to hold money for the coming months, when reconstruction began.

The Institute is working with two groups, the Baptist churches and the Churches of Christ. 

The Churches of Christ are working with local leaders to provide funds for rebuilding houses for people who are not receiving government aid. The first two pictures below show the Bajlović family with Mislav Ilić (minister of the Kušlanova Church of Christ) and the Bajlović family’s living space after the earthquake.

The Baptist churches are providing temporary homes to residents of the area, as well as outfitting some of these buildings for church & group use. These manufactured houses are called “containers” here, but they’re not shipping containers. They are temporary buildings like those used on construction sites. The pictures below show some of these buildings. We’re using these pictures courtesy of the Croatian Baptist Union.

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